Hisaki Fire

Burn bright, breathe fire. At Hisaki we believe in challenging the norm and developing the best tasting snacks in the world.

New in 2011, our eye-catching brand has been turning heads from day one. You’ve probably spotted Hisaki snacks already in a cool bar, speciality delicatessen, boutique hotel, sexy cafe, arty theatre, independent cinema, premium supermarket, healthy food store or funky farm shop near you.

With authentic Asian provenance, Hisaki snacks contain only the finest ingredients and most potent flavour to create a uniquely sweet taste and fiery kick. Dangerously addictive, our snacks are perfectly crunchy and consistently coated to deliver a balanced heat in every bite. Packed at source our products maintain their fiery potency and freshness for longer.

Perfection with an ice cold drink, we hope to offer an exciting new snack alternative for the brave hearted. And we hope that you love our products just as much as we do. Put some Hisaki fire into your soul…

Mark Stone (Founder of Hisaki Snacks)